Abu Dhabi Global Market Introduces’ Mediation In The Metaverse World


First-Of-Its-Kind Mediation Service Within Metaverse World

ABU DHABI – A world-first service that hosts mediation in the metaverse world has been launched, according to the ADGM Arbitration Centre. This service will immediately transform the court-annexed mediation programme run by ADGM Courts into the next-generation mediation method, revolutionising the delivery of mediation worldwide.

Through mediation, parties can negotiate a resolution to their conflict in the strictest of confidence with an impartial mediator; There is no decision imposed on the parties because it is a consensual process. Early dispute resolution through mediation preserves business ties and frees corporate resources, enabling organisations to concentrate on their most critical strategic objectives.

What Will “Mediation In The Metaverse World” Provide?

ADGM’s “mediation in the metaverse world” service will provide a more immersive experience using the most recent Web3 technology currently available; this will improve the quality of virtual mediation by enabling the participants to access a 3D office space.

A video image of each participant will be integrated into the virtual environment in the metaverse world, which will be modelled after the physical space inside the ADGM Arbitration Centre. No additional hardware will be required to access the virtual Arbitration Centre; you only need a desktop or mobile device. The participants will inevitably become more connected due to this immersive experience, which simulates the real world.

What Does The New Metaverse Service Advance?

The new metaverse service advances the principal objectives of the ADGM Arbitration Centre, which are: The ability of mediation to help parties who want to work out a solution to their dispute on their own terms and aren’t sure if it will work without their presence, and the acceptance of mediation as a valuable way to solve conflicts, with the 80% success rate of ADGM Courts’ mediators being a good example.

What Role Does The Project Play In Promoting Sustainability?

The project is in keeping with the UAE’s pledge to lessen the carbon footprint of international dispute resolution. A step in the right direction is eliminating the need for travel to in-person meetings by offering digitally enabled solutions to settle disputes on a global scale; this is crucial when boardroom executives are focusing heavily on sustainability.

ADGM E-Courts

According to Linda Fitz-Alan, Registrar and CEO of the ADGM Courts, since the launch of their e-Courts platform in 2018, The delivery of services for resolving civil and business disputes has been significantly improved by ADGM Courts, who have a solid reputation in this regard. Similarly, the ADGM Arbitration Centre was created using a “digital first” strategy; therefore, this is a logical development of its ideas.

Taking a leadership stance and dedicated to offering clients special services, they are eager to share this state-of-the-art technology with the local and global dispute resolution communities and see where this project leads.